[r.5264] Files created with 1.1. have measures with several barlines that can't be removed

• Feb 4, 2012 - 18:13
S2 - Critical
won't fix

Just see the picture:

1) I created that file with 1.1. everything was OK.
2) I opened that same file some days ago with the trunk and there wasn't those lines.
3) Every change you do to the score once opened increases the number of barlines in one.
4) Trying to delete one of those barlines also increases their number.
5) I tried to delete the content of the 1st bar and it crashed.
6) Notice that the local time signature of the 1st bar has been changed to make room for that cadenza
7) For privacy reasons I've only included the first bars of the score, I've deleted the rest with ctrl+delete

Running Windows xp
See also the mscz file

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We would need the 1.1 file and not the one modified by the trunk version. I put this bug on "won't fix". Reopen if you have more info.