How do I make a Fortepiano playback correctly

• Dec 2, 2016 - 00:39

I'm writing this gene Krupa swing song and it sounds stupid because the crescendos don't playback. I wrote them in, but I can't hear them when I press play.


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I found this as I wondered if MS has any fortepianos, and if they are an instrument available in MS. It doesn't seem so to me at present.

Re the crescendos and the comments from MS 2 - I still feel the same sometimes about the latest version of MS with the hairpins. Is it very important to set the target beginning and end for the hairpins directly on the first note with the dynamic marking, and and on the last note with an explicit mark? Can a range selection be used, or does that not work?

If you enter your crescendo and diminuendi as hairpins you ought to be able to hear them MS 2. But you'll have to set a dynamic level at the beginning. And if the hairpins follow each other (first crest. then decrees.) you'll have to enter the top level dynamic there. The way this works is it starts from the level it is at and goes to the next marking it finds.

In other words every hairpin needs to be "told" the level it starts from and the level it ends up on.

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