scale free score

• Dec 4, 2016 - 13:03

In some cultures one does not use scales as in western cultures. Instead one uses the first measure to add freely the key signatures needed for the whole score. It could be helpfull to be able to add optionally a set of key signatures needed in the first measure, e.g. B flat and G cross, as a "new scale" valid for the whole score.


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From my experience the custom key signatures do not currently work in MS (2.0.3). Custom key signatures do not change the note entered based upon the key signature like default key signatures do. Just for the heck of it make a custom key signature with 1 flat (B-flat just like the key of F) and enter a B into any measure and it will be a B natural not a B flat. They also don't transpose which should be easy enough to write an algorithm for.

There is discussion here to look at fixing it. There is, from what I can tell, a search for someone with the desire and knowledge to fix it.

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