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• May 18, 2010 - 01:15
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I created a score with a custom key signature (with B flattened and C sharpened) and entered three notes: A, B(b), C(#).
It displayed correctly, as A, Bb, C#.
I played the score.
It played A, B, C, as if no key signature had been added.
I changed the key signature to F major (which also has a flattened B).
It incorrectly added a natural in front of the B, and did nothing to the C.
Again, it was acting as if there had been no key signature there previously.
I've attached a test score with the fault.
This bug occurred on version 0.9.6 RC1 (revision 3070) and also on the latest revision 3085.
I'm running windows vista.

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I'm using Mac OS version version 3400.

I'm wondering about implementation of custom key signatures in playback? Has it been implemented yet and if not, any estimates of when.

and a question about note entry with a custom key signature - Let's say your key signature had a G# only. if you are entering notes with a midi keyboard and play G#, will the note show up as a G or as a G#?


Any news about this feature ? I'm looking for the same feature. In addition, it could be really cool feature if it also plays micro-tonal custom key signature !

The custom key signatures appear to have no impact on the notes and act as if the music were still in C major: see attachment

There is no cancellation of the custom key signature and there is no effect on the notes (see first bar --- the F has to be manually transposed up)

I really hope that this will be implemented, even though it is unconventional. Particularly the cancellation of the custom key signatures, it will make music editing so much easier.

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Reported version 2.1 3.0

Indeed it will not be solved in 2.X. If anyone wants to take a look, I'm happy to guide you. You can find me on the forum or on IRC #musescore on

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