Oriental feature upgrade suggestion

• Oct 4, 2018 - 02:43

Hello everyone, Glad to be here...

My name is Amir Jacob, I am an oriental musician I play the Oud (Oriental Lute), and I always use Musescore... Thank you very much for an awesome program.

I would like to suggest to you maybe for a future update if you could give a little more possibilities for oriental composition merely via adding 2 particular features:

1) Since there are literally hundreds of scales and modes in oriental music. Please consider the possibility to create a custom key signatures which can include half flats and half sharps as well as flats and sharps together in the same key signature.

2) To be able to hear the half flat and half sharp notes in the playback. As an interval of two adjacent notes has 100 cents, understandably, having a half flat note will mean that the note should sound 50 cents above the regular flat, and the half sharp note means that the note should sound 50 cents less than a regular sharp.

I always recommend Musescore to my musician friends, I think having these 2 great additional features will make your program decisively more accessible by so many composers and musicians even by the ones who would like to experiment with oriental instruments in world music as it's fairly easier to use than other competing programs.

I am also here to help in any way I can,

Thanks again!



Custom key signatures are possible already, although without playback.
For quarter accidentals to play back there exists a plugin to do the tuning.

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