Drag'n'drop of line breaks

• Dec 4, 2016 - 14:05

It would be nice if MuseScore supported d'n'd of line break marker (and other break type markers) on score.


It should already be the case. You can drag and drop a marker from the palette to a measure. Can you explain exactly what you are doing and is not working as expected?

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Ah, that makes sense. Usually dragging an element that is already on the score is used to simply move it visually while keeping it attached to the same "logical" place in the score. We do have Ctrl+Alt+Shift+drag, which basically removes an element from where it was originally dropped and allows you to drop it elsewhere. I never even realized this was possible until playing around just now - I know of only Ctrl+Shift+drag, which duplicates the element. Unfortunately, neither of these work for breaks. Might be a bit tricky since breaks are implemented internally very differently from other objects, but in principle it seems like it would make sense.

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Here is when it is useful from my experience. The spacer arrow anchors itself at the beginning of the measure it is placed in. This is often the most crowded point in the measure. Since the measure before is less crammed, I place the spacer arrow in the measure before the measure that is crammed with ties, ornaments, hairpins, text and dynamics so that when I click the spacer I get the spacer instead of one of the five or six items that are on top of it. I do a little work on the score and all of a sudden MuseScore decides that the measure I had the spacer in is now the last measure of the page and the crammed measure is the first on the next page. If I could drag it I now have the option of dragging it to the measure that is crammed, all I have to do is switch momentarily to continuous view. Since I now have the spacer the right length I can either drag it into the offending measure or a measure on the same page that is less crammed.

This is of course a consideration for 2.x, I don't know if it is a consideration in 3.0. If the auto avoid is going to make the spacer obsolete then by all means developers time could be much better spent on something that will be implemented in 3.0. If 3.0 does not automatically adjust the space between one staff and the next, then having a draggable spacer makes sense and would be appreciated.

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FWIW, I have never been a fan of the current behavior with dynamics, where every time you try to fine tune position of the dynamic using the mouse, the anchor point unexpectedly changes as well. I'd rather it took more deliberate action to change anchor points, like Ctrl+Alt+Shift method (although something a bit simpler would be nice). And then have it consistent, because consistency is also a important for discoverability.

Be sure to drop the line break on the measure (wait for the highlight to confirm) - just dropping in the general vicinity won't work. But for the record, you can also simply select the barlinen then double click the break icon - that's almost always less mouse motion. Or just press Enter.

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