Unable to insert a capital S in text fields

• Feb 18, 2012 - 23:15

Win7 x64
version 1.1 / build 4611

Bug Report

NOTE: I have not tested this in all the other text fields.

Unlike all other Shift-combinations (Shift-A, Shift-B, etc),
when trying to type a capital S in the song title, the
program responds with a popup saying
"command synth-control not valid in current state"

I was trying to type "Cherokee Shuffle", and the popup shows
up as soon as I get to Shift-S.

I went to
(Menu/Edit/Preferences/shortcuts-tab/synthesizer -- clear, ok)
and removed the Shift-S shortcut, but I continue to get this popup message.


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From Menu/Create/Text/Title, whichever one that is.
Also same result Menu/Create/Text/Subtitle.

The original file was generated by converting from a midi file,
so it had no title to start.

Create new score window (Menu/File/New) field for title
does not have this problem. It allows capital "S".

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Weird. I've never seen that, and have had no problems entering S's myself, but one of my students ran into something where an S in the *subtitle* field displayed funny (I don't remember what was wrong, but it was obvious). That was on a Mac, and I always assumed that was why I could never reproduce it.

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Interesting bug! My MS didn't have the Synth shortcut defined so I went ahead and assigned it to Shift-S and the bug came up. After clearing and restarting MS the bug still exists. I would expect that I will have to do a factory reset to get rid of this bug. No shortcut should ever activate in text edit mode.

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Umm, that's not so easy under 1.2, apparently. I defined Shift-S, saved and quit/reloaded to confirm it was set. Now, selecting and saying Clear, along with saving and quit/reload shows the shortcut to still be defined so Clear doesn't seem to remove the definition. The only way I can clear it is to select it and press Reset to Default or a more complex method through Define.

Still, this definition should not be active during text entry.

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