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• Apr 6, 2009 - 13:36

Hi! I'm from Portugal and i interesting in translate the manual and program in Portuguese.
My first work is create a full translation of mscore_pt-pt.xml and instruments_pt-pt.xml.
Tomorrow i will send both files with first version.
I hope you enjoy it!

Sincerelly yours,
Prof. José Luciano Batista Gomes


Hi José,

The mscore_pt.ts locale file is I guess 50% translated, so grab the latest one from the MuseScore SVN repository. The instruments_pt.xml file has not been made before but you can use other ones as a template.

Regarding the handbook: I first need to enable Portuguese on MuseScore.org and once this is done, the translation can be done online.

If you have questions, feel free to ask!

Hi José,

The Portuguese interface is ready at: http://www.musescore.org/pt
The translation instructions are a good guide to learn how the website and handbook can be translated.

There are a few strings which need manual translation:

  • Free music composition & notation software
  • Download Free - Now
  • Version xxx
  • Licensed under the 'Creative Commons Attribution 3.0' license

Hi José,

The Portuguese version of MuseScore is active at http://www.musescore.org/pt but as you will see, the content is still in English. It would be great if you could just translate the MuseScore teaser info which takes 5 min. Click on this link and change the text in Portuguese. Search engines will index your translation and bring more Portuguese people to musescore.org/pt.

If you have problems, don't hesitate to leave a comment. Thanks!

Hi, Thomas

I'm preparing to translate the manual.
In the portuguese version I want it be more specific, because my students will learn with it.
So, I'm creating the pdf manual first.

The introductory page from MuseScore Português PT is finished.
I translated the "Comparing MuseScore and Finale NotePad, feature by feature" from David Bolton.
I tried to write the htm code in the body, but something is wrong.
But I'm persistent, and soon as possible, it will be there.

The 2nd translation of the portuguese version from MuseScore is started.
In 2 or 3 weeks will be finish.
My first version that i sent to you wasn't complete, but i'm studing the source code and i've found what i was looking for.
The new version will be better and bigger than the first one.

Thanks for your time.
José Luciano

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Just to reiterate what Lasonic said: please use the online version to translate the manual. Otherwise we with have a lot of work afterwards manually moving the translation over to the website.

I can create a PDF from the text on the website whenever you request it. Since the process is automatic it only takes me a few seconds.

If you have any questions or difficulties don't hesitate to ask. Basically you will need to go to the English page that you want to translate, click "Translate", and then replace the English text with your translation. Leave the HTML formatting and other code in place.

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