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• Dec 10, 2016 - 03:37

I'm trying to get an F7b9#5 to format so the #5 is under the b9.

I used this code, but it's not working. What do I have wrong?



Are you starting from a copy of chords_jazz.xml? "e7" etc aren't built into MuseScore but are defined in that specific file, so in order to reference those symbols, you need to have the definitions in your custom file as well.

That aside, what you have should be a decent start. You will probably need to play with the vertical offsets to get the effect you want. You might also consider skipping the push / pop and giving absolute offsets. BTW, did you really mean to change the "#5" to "#13"? Maybe you mean "b13"?

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Yes, I'm starting from a copy of chords_jazz.xml. You actually wrote the code for me months ago to give me the effect for a 7b9b5 chord and I added it to the copy. Now I'm trying to do it with 7b9#5.

This is the alteration to your code I made. I really don't understand coding, so layman's terms please. I have something incorrect here:


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You haven't said yet what you are unhappy with in the code above. When I tried it, the b9 and #5 overlapped vertically, but I kind of got the sense you were having more fundamental problems than than? As I said, you will need to adjust the vertical offsets,. which are the numbers after the "m:". The first digital is a horizontal offset, the second a vertical one. Negative numbers move things up, positive numbers move things down. Whatever numbers you used for the other chord should probably work here too.

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