Shortcuts for palette symbols

• Dec 13, 2016 - 13:21

There was a discussion on another thread about not being able to add sforzato from the keyboard. You can actually assign a shortcut for toggling this, but there are a lot of palette symbols that cannot have shortcuts assigned to them.

I would suggest allowing all standard basic and advanced palette symbols to allow for hot keys to be assigned to them. I basically used 10-15 symbols on nearly every score I use, and not needing to scroll through my palettes to find the right symbol would be a great improvement.

One way to implement this would be to have the use be able to right click the symbol in the master palette and under properties assign the hot key to toggle the symbol. Right now every palette symbol I use can be assigned by clicking a note and double clicking the symbol, why not let the shortcut add a symbol or remove the symbol.

I would suggest that you make an internal shortcut map (which probably already exists) and if an existing shortcut is entered (such as ctrl-b) a confirmation message would appear that says "ctrl-b is currently assigned to 'Append one measure', replace this shortcut?" with yes (replace the shortcut), no (which would return the user to the preferences window) and cancel (which would close the preferences window) buttons. The preferences window would of course show the currently assigned shortcut to any applicable palette symbol, so the user would know if he were replacing an existing shortcut.

This would prevent the ambiguous F2 in 2.0.3 being possible and add flexibility to the user.


The current shortcut for Rehearsal mark doesn't work like I would expect. It requires you to type in the number/letter you want rather than automatically inserting the next mark like using the palette.

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That is deliberate; it's a different command. People use the rehearsal mark feature all sorts of text other than sequential letters. If you want automatic sequencing, you can use the palette, or Edit / Tools / Resequence Rehearsal Marks to do the deed at the end.

If it were possible to assign shortcuts for individual palette items then it would presumably work to assign a new shortcut to the palette version of the rehearsal mark command.

Yes, eventually we definitely want keyboard access for all palette elements - it's high on my personal list of things to try to implement for MuseScore 3.

This still isn't possible right? It would be a huge improvement for me. Not only for symbols that aren't used often by most people (I do handbell notation), but also for everyday use of normal users, like when I do choral arrangements, etc.

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What is possible now that wasn’t the a few years ago, though, is easy customization of palettes, also navigation by keyboard, applying a palette item by hitting Enter, and the ability to define a shortcut to reapply the last-used palette item. As well as search, already mentioned. So it’s definitely possible to work much more efficiently than when this thread was started.

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