Disappearing ties.

• Dec 14, 2016 - 09:19

I have a piece of music where the verse ends at the bottom of the page. The last notes are tied across a bar-line. (see the attached file-start).
The first note of the chorus starts in that last bar. I decided to split that last bar so that the chorus starts on the next page. So I select the note, "Edit" from the menu and choose "Split bar before selected note" Does exactly what I wanted but also removes the ties from the previous notes.
Is that expected? It's no big deal I just have to re-add the ties but why? what's the reason for removing the ties?


Interesting bug. Also happens if you join the last bar to the next bar so presumably during the re-layout of of the selected measure(s). Can't see how a line break will help, soichi, because the desire here is to split and have a pick-up for the chorus and you can't put a line break in the middle of a bar.

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