Split Measure breaks slurs and ties

• Feb 7, 2016 - 17:17
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S2 - Critical

V2.0.2 on Windows 7 (also tested with nightly build 2016/02/01). In the example, I wish to split a measure at the dashed bar. I select the highlighted F and go to Edit > Measure > Split Measure. The result is shown in the second system: The slur and tie before the split are lost; the tie after the split is preserved, but the slur is garbled. I rate this no more than a nuisance.

This looks similar to https://musescore.org/en/node/23111, which was patched two years ago.
EDIT: After reading comments on 23111, I did a bit more testing. Split Measure can also garble hairpins that begin in the measure being split.

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I haven't tried this, but what do you think should be expected behaviour when split a measure though middle of a hairpin? Should it break into two hairpins? Does that go for all line elements?

Hairpins are anchored to particular starting and ending notes, not to measures. Since Split Measure doesn't move notes about—in fact, tries to preserve notes exactly—I'd expect the hairpins to remain anchored as they were. So a hairpin would remain single, anchored to the same starting and ending notes. I'd expect similar behavior for most spanning elements.

I've attached a more complex example. Note that the tied F in the treble clef is preserved, and the whole-note G in the bass clef is changed to two tied half notes—exactly preserving original note durations. But ties and slurs beginning before the split measure are lost, and a slur beginning in the split measure is doubled. Each hairpin is also doubled, one retaining the positioning offsets from the original, the other reset.

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Fixed in branch 3.x, commit 591b023139

_Fix #97376 - Split Measure breaks slurs and ties

Setting the SPANNER_TICK/SPANNER_TICKS properties for Spanners getting a new
start or end element adapted._

Fix version