print won't work on Mountain Lion (#

• Dec 14, 2016 - 11:21
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The print option won't work in Mountain Lion (maybe nothing to do with this), either via: file > print
or using the shortcut print option on the keypad (cmd/p).

Any suggestions?

Big thanks in advance!

By the way I can print other documents, in other programs, no problems, just Musescore won't respond, making it almost useless (if you can't print your scores).


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What specifically goes wrong? Does the dialog not appear? Perhaps it has appeared somewhere off screen (which can happen if you have changed screens or resolutions since last time you tried it). Try Help / Revert to Factory Settings.

Quite simple really. If you use the 'print' (file > print), nothing happens. And the same applies to 'cmd/p', nothing happens. If you use (as suggested) a work around of 'export' the dialogue box shows up fine, and in the right place, which shows that the dialogue boxes are correct/working.

As I've said there's clearly a bug as for everything else it works fine, example a web page, a screen shot, etc.

Thanks again.

Did you try the revert? As I said, the print dialog may be trying to appear offscreen. It's a different dialog than export, so no surprise if the export dialog is fine but print not. Each dialog remembers its own position normally.

Hmm. Not sure what is going on then. You should ask for help in the Support forum, where other users familiar with Mac OS might be able to offer suggestions. In general, it should work, can't think of any reason it wouldn't. If it was just that printing didn't work on Mountain Lion I think someone would have reported that by now. Could be some other specific incompatibility on your system.