[trunk] Navigator gets into redraw loop

• Feb 24, 2012 - 15:13
S4 - Minor

Create a multi-page score, say 10 pages. Drag the nav window until the point that the scroll-bar is about to appear. The nav window will get into a redraw loop, using high CPU. Only when you drag the nav window larger will the scroll bar appear and the CPU usage go back to normal. The attached pics shows what happens in the navigator and the page settings/preview when this condition is reached.

The page settings pic doesn't show the exact same symptoms (clpbd106). In it, there are back lines that are drawn across the top and down the left side. Neither of them reach to the edge of the window, the left line stopping where the scroll bar should be, the top one ending a few mm from the right edge.

Win7 32-bit.

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Title [trunk] Navigator gets into redraw loop and Page Settings/Preview thumbnail display [trunk] Navigator gets into redraw loop

Changed title to match. (ignore the multi-post)

While the symptoms are somewhat different from before, this issue is still alive in 91ccdc3 (Feb 22/13). I've attached the two pix of how it looks now. When it happens, one of my CPU's (in my quad-core) is pegged at 100%. Those with lesser systems will notice the pegged CPU much more than I.

First pic. Notice how page 9 is mostly not displayed.
One state

Second pic
Second state

On my Win8 64-bit system the two images do not alternate rapidly as they used to do but they do occasionally switch. Adjusting the navigator height or MS window width will make the images change.

Update: when this happens, the menus, score dragging, basically everything is _very_ slow to respond. Opening a palette is delayed, and when you do anything that requires a graphics update the navigator will then switch between the two states above more rapidly. Just roll the mouse cursor over the palette titles and you can really see the delay in screen updates.

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Status (old) active fixed

This appears fixed. Nightly c513dd7. The navigator now has limited vertical adjustments and the nav scroll bar is always on.