Hiding Naturals

• Feb 25, 2012 - 17:50

When I make a key signature change, naturals are added to every note that requires them. How can I make these invisable?


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Thanks for your quick response.

The only reason for eliminating the natural symbols is to clean up the score. I realize that some notes have to have a natural, but in going from 2 sharps to 3 flats, every note gets a natural or sharp depending on the note. I know that I saw somewhere in the editing or settings that you could mark naturals as invisible for the score.

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I am not sure to understand you correctly, but I think you refer to the "Hide naturals" property of a key signature.

When changing from, say, D Major to Mib Major (it is not a common modulation, but is the example you quote: from 2 sharps to 3 flats) in the middle of a piece, the practice is to insert F natural and C natural in the key at the point of the change, to stress that C and F are no longer sharped. MuseScore does this automatically.

However, there may be occasions when this automatical addition is not suitable; for instance, if you have two (or more) pieces in the same score file -- for instance the various movements of a sonata -- and the key changes from one movement to another, it is against the common practice to add those natural signs at the beginning of a movement.

To address these situations, MuseScore allows to change key signature properties:

1) Right click on the new key signature where the additional naturals are shown and select "Hide naturals": the additional naturals will no longer appear.

2) When the key changes while passing from the end of a piece to the begining of another piece, it is also common not to include a courtesy key change at the end of the previous system: to get rid of it, righ-click the key signature in the score and select "Hide courtesy key sign.".

If this is not what you intended, please disregard.


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