[trunk-r5375] - Message when loading the build: "Error reading container.xml..." Also, there are no palettes

• Feb 26, 2012 - 09:32
S2 - Critical

When I load the latest build, a message appears when loading:

"Error reading container.xml at line 1 cloumn 1: unexpected end of file."
That's very scary!!

Also, the palettes are set invisible and when I try to make them visible, the message appears again.

It's impossible to work!!

Running Windows xp

Thanks, G.


Can I assume this issue has changed or been fixed with the later releases? I'm running 5378 under Win7. If not, do a factory reset?

No!!! It still happens with 5393.
I tried to make a factory reset but nothing changed.
Please help! - I can no longer use the nightlies!!!

However, I've discovered something:

The 1st time I used a nightly, I changed some settings (eg. canvas picture, icon size...).
Even though every time I got a new nightly I deleted first the folder of the previous one, those settings were saved anyway from one to the other.

(But when I did the factory reset all settings were changed correctly)

Therefore, even though I read that the nightlies were self-contained (ie. everithing was contained inside the donwloaded folder), they are not! Some info (eg. some settings) is saved somewhere outside that folder!!

Thus, could anybody tell me where do those things go??? I guess it has damages.
BTW. My 1.1. settings have been heavily customised (both settings and palette layout). Does this have something to do with what has happened??

Thank you! G.

No version is entirely self contained. The prefs and palettes are stored in your user profile (c:\documents and settings\username). Regardless though, I thought a factory reset was supposed to delete both of these sets of files.

I think the prefs file locations for XP are:
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Musescore
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Musescore

Well, I've re-installed Musescore 1.1, deleted every nightly folder and the ''Musescore Development'' folder.
However, the trunk is still not working (Also, the preferences of 1.1. are still the ones I had established).

I've looked in the folders where 1.1 is located, but I haven't found nothing (all the Documents and Settings stuff).

I've found a file called ''MUSESCORE-1.1.EXE-2FEEEA1A.PF'' in the folder "C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch", but I don't know what to do with it.

Also, I've used the ''search'' option in Windows to find the ''container.xml'' file, but I haven't found it.

Thanks, G.

"the preferences of 1.1. are still the ones I had established" - Then this means you haven't found or deleted the preference folders yet.

PF files are a Windows-only thing, and has no effect on Musescore.

You also won't find the "container.xml" as thats what the error message is basically telling you. I suspect MS is opening the file without checking it exists first, but since it doesn't exist the error is that it reached the end of file unexpectedly.

The only simple way to solve all this is to execute both versions of Musescore with "mscore.exe -F". If it doesn't, then maybe your prefs files have become read-only.

Status (old) active fixed

I eventually found the folder you said and deleted it (it was set invisible).
Now everything is ok.

Thank you very much, Schepers!!