PDFs do not work with the Jazz Font

• Dec 25, 2016 - 08:04
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I created a Test Score and applied 2 separate fonts to it, Jazz and Bravura, then exported them as PDFs. The Bravura PDF came out fine (seemingly). The Jazz one didn't come out so fine and did not look correct. I can't really explain what's going on here, so it's best that I just attach the 2 PDFs on this along with the score so that you can see the difference.

(Note: If you notice that the title is a different font from the PDFs, then that just means you don't have the JazzText font installed on your computer. Don't worry about that, it's completely normal.)

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Comes out fine here, and I have none of these texts installed (and you should not either, as these are built into MuseScore, so maybe that already is your problem?)
Titel and Composer were just using a wrong fonts, for the latter a 'Reset to style' fixed it, for the former an change to MuseJazz Text.

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I don't get it, how does a "Reset to Style" and Font change just completely fix the look of a PDF for you? That shouldn't be the case. What if I have the text changed as well? Or the chords, or the tempo, or instrument names, etc. Would I have to change all that back to make the PDF look correct? If this is the case, then I see this as a major bug. Look, I even downloaded score that you fixed and tried exporting it from my side, and again it didn't turn out right. I'll attach it.

Edit: When comparing the 2 PDFs, I noticed that the problem was size and scaling. I don't know what makes this happen, but that seems to be the problem.

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the reset to style and change font fixed the composer and the titel, respectively, the rest was looking OK even without (I guess you refert to the up-stems being almost detached from the notedheads, right?), and I suspect the reason for it not to look OK is because you have these fonts installed (and possibly in an older version) rather than using the fonts builtin to MuseScore and then embedded into the PDF

Apparently we're both using 53d4ad2 and on Windows.

In your score the Title style was set to use "JazzText", which indeed I don't have installed, nor is part of MuseScore, so it came up as "MS Shell Dlg 2", the Windows default font
I changed it to "MuseJazz Text". Composer style was set to "MuseJazz Text" already, but that got overridden in the composer text itself, to "JazzText", so again showed up as "MS Shell Dlg 2", this probably happened when you changed the size of them individually (from 30 to 34 and 12 to 16) rather than via their style.
I forgot to chnage the sizes, so I guess that is what you see?
Check these here

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Hmm, strange, now I see the detached stems too, only change should be the changed sizes for Title and Composer text?

Just opening the above score and exporing it again fixed it?
Hmm, it did on my local copy, not if looking at it via the Website.
I guess some kind of caching problem? The 2nd files looks OK to me

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Interesting, I downloaded your score and tried exporting it, yet it still didn't come out properly. I just can't find a way to make this work. I want to know how you changed it to look correct. Here, I'll attach it.

Edit: One thing I noticed is that the file sizes are inconsistent. The incorrect ones that we both had was a slightly larger file size of 54.07 kb. Your correct one has a file size of 53.6, but right above it is the incorrect one, which has the same file size of 53.6. So...? Something you did made the file size smaller. I don't know if this has any relevance, but it's something I noticed.

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If that's the case, then it is a major bug. Think about it, I installed these fonts into my computer, not MuseScore. MuseScore uses a feature where it detects what fonts you have in the your computer, then adds it to its library. How would I ever be able to install any other font in the future without MuseScore doing this, then breaking PDFs? This is a bug on MuseScore's end, not mine.

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Well, no. It isn't MuseScore, but Qt, and it is by design. Just don't install the.musical fonts, but if you do, install the latest version

Well, no. It isn't MuseScore, but Qt, and it is by design (or unfixable for us). Just don't install the musical (!) fonts, but if you do, install the same version MuseScore uses.
The text fonts should be fine I think and only those may be useful for other programs on you pc

And the musical fonts that cause this issue are getting generally of no use to any other program anyhow. It had never been supported to install your own version of MuseScore's internal fonts, for obvious reasons - if the version you install is not compatible, you break MuseScore, as you just found out. Indeed, not a bug - installing incompatible versions of internal cannot work.