Play panel default tempo

• Dec 30, 2016 - 17:52

Couldn't find this in the online handbook (perhaps didn't look in the right place!). Can the default tempo of the Play Panel be changed from 120 bpm whenever I open it? I'd make it 60 if I could.


To be clear: the Play Panel doesn't set the actual tempo for a score. It specifies a temporary override (in percentage terms) to the actual tempo for a score. The actual score is indeed set via tempo text, as of course it can change over the course of a piece. So if you literally want the piece to be performed at 60 BOP, you simply enter that tempo text on the score itself (and you are given the option to specify this in the Create New Score wizard). This then becomes the tempo for the piece.

The tempo override control in the Play Panel is just for those cases where you might need to hear the piece played back slower than the actual desired tempo, for some particular reason (to practice along with, or to hear the notes more clearly to make sure you didn't make mistakes entering them).

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