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• Jan 3, 2017 - 13:43

Well, here I am back again with another plea for assistance. Running version 2.0.3, trying to arrange a score that calls for jumps, and don't understand the correct way to apply the various symbols in the palette. I'm familiar with repeats using barlines, but this piece calls for returning to a point near the beginning from a point about two-thirds through and and, on the repeat, skipping over some of those measures and going to the last third, (coda) and from there to the end. In other words, a section in the middle of the piece is played only once, then bypassed.

Haven't been able to figure out what to do from the online manual, tried several of the symbols and notations in the palette, but can't get it right. I understand the meaning of the segno, coda, etc., but can't make it all work out. Also, not sure if I have to do anything other than place the symbols on the score to activate a response in the playback. I do have the playback function engaged.

Once again, I'd be grateful for some guidance, thanks in advance.


Please share the score and the describe the desired 'roadmap', but is sounds like you want a Segno, a To Coda and a D.S. al Coda and a Coda

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Thanks for the "instant" reply. I'll clean up the various symbols I have tried and come up with a description of what I want to happen. I've never posted a score here, but I assume there is some instruction somewhere? It will be a little later today, as I am now called away.

As a geezer attempting to learn non-classical piano with no teacher available, this site has been a tremendous help!

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Under the repeats palette do the following (select the whole measures or drag them to the meausres and MS will put them in the correct spots)

m. 17 signo (the S with a line through it)
m. 28 to Coda
m. 48 D.S. al Coda
m. 49 Coda (the bullseye circle)

In m. 48 you can go to the "breaks & spaces" pallet and enter a line break or go to the "Frames & Measures" pallet and "Insert horizontal frame" if you want some separation between mm. 48 & 49. It makes it easier to read.

Thanks both for the assistance. I've used your advice to make the score replay correctly, with an adjustment to the start of the first repeat, moving it to measure 1. Before posting the question I did try these symbols, but must have gotten something out of whack, because it didn't play back as I had in mind.

Looks like I also messed up the viewing privileges option on the site, since it comes up in my profile. In any case, I'm attaching it here as a PDF, I think that will work.

BTW, is it considered legit to do this sort of thing with a published score? I did purchase a copy to start with.

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