How to add an arrow?

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Is there a way to add an arrow at a random location in the notes? The only arrow I can find is the glissando arrow, but its location is fixed to slightly to the left of the note (see this example ). What I want is for the arrow to be exactly under the note, connecting it to the text. I am attaching an example I made using Photoshop. Is that possible it at all?

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Press 'Z' for Master Palette.
Drag the symbol in the score and/or save it to a custom palette


Alternatively, Ctrl+L (insert lyrics) L
Type Alt+24 (numeric keypad)

The glissando arrow can be made longer or shorter to suit your purpose by double-clicking on it and using the DownArrow key to make it longer. Its position can be altered by dragging it with the mouse or by going to Inspector and changing the vertical and horizontal offsets. A horizontal value of about 1.6 seems to centre on quarter notes and 1.9 for whole notes so there is no one perfect value for everything.

You can create an arrow of correct length and [Ctrl][Shift] drag it to a custom palette. You can then drag the arrow to where you want it and can fine-tune the position, if you want, using Inspector.

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There are a number of different things discussed here, can you explain more precisely what you are trying to do? If you just want to add an arrow character to you score, probably easiest is to press "Z" to display the Symbols palette, then type "arrow" into the search box to see the standard arrows available. If you have a font that provides other arrow characters, you can select that font when adding text, using the Inspector.

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