Cannot delete Incorrect rests in XML file

• Jan 4, 2017 - 04:38

I have read several posts and have tried everything including changing voices. Nothing works. Also I cannot add Triplet without adding a bunch of 16th rests and making more of a mess. I attached the MuseScore clip and the Original measures. Clearly the MuseScore interpretation is incorrect. I scanned the sheet music in SmartScore Song Book edition. Both are current versions. any help will be appreciated.

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A_ Minor MuseScore XML.png 28.85 KB
A_Minor Original score.png 67.78 KB


Attaching the original MusicXML file would be more useful in this case. But it's pretty obvious from the pictures that it is probably incorrect to begin with. Most likely, the MusicXML file failed to recognize that the left hand notes are tuplets, because in fact this is not shown explicitly in the notation. So it created them literally as eighth notes and then adjusted the measure lengths to accommodate that. These errors are probably right there in the original MusicXML file, and MuseScore is simply doing what it is told, thus leaving you with extra rests and incorrect playback. Assuming the software that created the MusicXML file doesn't give you options to correct the error at that end, you will need to re-enter these measures yourself.

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