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I am trying to create a quarter note quintuplet that begins on beat 3 (in a bar of 4/4), therefore the quintuplet should cross the bar line into the next measure. Any suggestions? Everything I have tried does not work.

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Depending on how badly you want this, whether you need it to play back close to correctly, and how often you need to do it, I can think of a few workarounds:

1) notate it as all quarters, create room for another by nudging notes around in Edit mode (perhaps also adding stretch), then place an additional note from the Symbols palette, then draw in a bracket (perhaps using a Volta)
2) create quarter notes triplets in the first bar, quarters in the second, hide the tuplet bracket, and draw in your own
3) make it one bar with an "actual" time signature (measure properties) of 8/4, then draw in a fake barline at the proper place
3) make the "actual" time signature of the two bars 6/4 and 2/4 respectively, do the quintuplet, then drag the last two notes over the barline, with liberal use of additiona leading/trailing space and or nudges in edit/mode to get the right effect

If it were me, I would change to a bar of 6/4 followed by a bar of 2/4 and be done with it.

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I may have misunderstood your intent but try this:

Change one bar to Actual Duration 8/4.
Enter the first two quarter-notes, half-note, rest or whatever makes up the first two beats of your bar and then press "7 [Ctrl]-5" and enter your five quintuplet notes. Follow with the remaining note(s)/rest(s) for that bar.
Select the fourth note of the quintuplet (or try this with the third to see if you prefer it that way) and double-click on the single Barline from the Barlines palette.

To get the timing more "correct" you could enter the quintuplet and then change the middle quarter-note to two, tied eighth-notes, place the barline between them and then adjust the two eight-notes' positions (and then " + " onthe first eight-note again to re-create the tie that gets lost when you change the notes' positions).

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@ underquark: Thank you for the response! I think your example that you provided is what I am looking for. I have yet to try any of these recommendations, but I will in the next day or two.

Thanks to all, apparently I have found "gold" not only with this great free software, but with the kind help that come from the forum!

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