Color selection of playback cursor.

• Jan 9, 2017 - 12:43

I wonder if it would be possible to change the color of the playback cursor that moves as the score plays. I like the blue as it is, but I could see in the future a preferences setting that let there be a custom colorization. This could be beneficial depending on what kind of display settings are being used or just out of favoritism for a particular color, especially in conjunction with custom page colors or wallpapers.
With this in mind, it also follows that the four-voice color highlightings could allow for customization. I know this isn't a priority for functionality's sake, but the reason why I bring this up is for possibly recording video-captures of playback. In doing this, it would be nice to have control over these colors for presentation purposes.


possibly recording video-captures of playback
Just in case, you are not aware of it. Any score on can be turned into a YouTube video with the push of a button (Send to Youtube). You can also attach an audio file to be used as the playback for the video. Here is an example

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Thanks for the tip, I didn't know this. For attaching audio, may it be offset in case there is a synchronization error? I would try myself but I get this:
Temporarily Unavailable
The website that you're trying to reach is having technical difficulties and is currently unavailable.
We are aware of the issue and are working hard to fix it. Thank you for your patience.

Even with this Send to Youtube function, it's good to know how to work with video-screen-captures and something like the Linux ffmpeg/avconv packages to trim video and sync to audio with the proper codecs, though figuring out all the ins and outs and having a grip on a viable method can be nerve wracking in the process >:-o !!

Here's the result: very similar to the above example, I also chose the two system form but with no introduction screen. Two systems seemed better than a full sheet at a time.

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