Start Pedal in Middle of Measure

• Mar 13, 2012 - 22:38

I want to start a pedal in the middle of measure. It looks like I can only start it at the beginning of a measure, and end it at the end of a measure. Any hints about fractional-measure pedalling? Thanks.


Pedal marking work the same as everything else on the Lines palette - double click to enter Edit mode, click a handle, shift-arrow to move the attachment point, arrow to fine tune positioning.

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I have read the manual many times, and tried moving the pedal anchors according to the instructions. They only moved by one measure at a time, instead of one note. I just started a new score, and in that one it does move by one note at a time. I can't figure out why it works in one case but not the other.

OK, here's what I just noticed.

If you create a piano score -- which produces both treble and bass clefs -- and then put notes only on the treble staff, a Pedal under the bass staff will only move by one measure at a time. If you put the Pedal above the treble staff (which is ugly and non-standard), it will move by one note at a time. If you put at least one note on the bass staff, the Pedal under the bass staff will move by one note at a time.

I think a Pedal under the bass staff should look at both staves. Piano music often has notes on only the treble staff for a certain measure, but we still might need to Pedal in the middle of the measure, and Pedal marks should always be under the bass staff in this case.

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Confirmed - pedal markings may only be attached to the notes in the staff they were dragged to. This is the case in the trunk (experimental version 2.0) as well. I have submitted an issue for the using the Issue Tracker: #15513: Pedal markings under grand staff can only be attached to notes in staff attached to

Workaround is to add to the pedal to the top staff, then simply drag the marking down below the bottom staff. Or, add dummy notes or rests to bottom staff, attach pedal marking as desired, then either hide or delete the dummy notes/rests.

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