no export in .ps or .pds. or .mid at all since a few weeks

• Apr 25, 2009 - 15:36


I'm not able able to export my mscz to any kind of file (.mid, .ps, .pdf, or even .msc). I had Ubuntu studio 8.04 with mscore 0.9.4 on my laptop, and Ubuntu studio 8.10 with mscore 0.9.3 on my home PC.

I've just made a complete fresh reinstall with Ubuntu Studio 9.04 (wich includes natively mscore 0.9.4) : the problem is the same.

I've been using mscore for a while now; it is by far the best notation editor i know on linux, but if the export function is lost, it is of no use at all for what I'm doing....

thank you for your help



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Thank you for your reply

I've installed the latest stable release of Ubuntu 9.04 (Ubuntu studio)... It did'nt work natively.... I've added the stable mscore package and I got an update of mscore which changed nothing....

Is there something to try ?

Compile it from source? As far as I understand the post you reffered to, it't won't make any difference...

Am I obliged to wait untill the Ubuntu developpers change something about Qt4.5?

By the way thank you for the work-around through printing... it'll help; another temporary solution is to install the windows version in wine....

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Hello again

Regarding my problem, I've observed that export function still doesn't work under Ubuntu 9.04 (fresh install), but it perfecttly work under Kubuntu 9.04 and Xubuntu 9.04 (on the same computer).

More precisely, I've installed Kubuntu 9.04. Export function of mscore worked perfectly. I've then installed Ubuntu studio audio (and plugins) and the linux-rt package. It was still working perfectly. Then I installed [b]Ubuntustudio-desktop[/b], and after that, it didn't work anymore...

Does that mean that the problem is then related to the GNOME environement?

May it help?

Hello, I can't export any mscore files to midi! I am using Ubuntu 9.04 (64bits), With Ubuntu Intrepid it was working! Does anybody as a clue?

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