• Apr 15, 2012 - 03:53
S4 - Minor

I have a 2-gig laptop using win7 64-bit. I noticed that with note entry into an orchestra score, memory increases over time. I have to save-exit-restart Muscore periodically, or I have problems. Once I exit the program, the tied-up memory is freed up. It seems like memory management might be a problem, Thank you.


Ah ok, as I understand it this is a known problem with MuseScore 1.x in fact I was running into this very issue myself with a score on Saturday.

It may have been fixed in the yet to be released version 2.0

There will be no more bug fix releases of the 1.x series as all efforts are now going into getting 2.0 ready for release.

There is not a stable release version of this available yet, but if you would care to try one of the nightly builds you could maybe ascertain this, bearing in mind that version 2.0 is currently liable to crash often, and without warning.

We need to ascertain whether this is still a problem in version 2.0, so leaving status as needs info

I've got something similar on my list of bugs to post. I haven't checked recently but when loading and closing big multi-page scores in either version of MS, the memory allocated for the score is not freed up. The larger the score, the worse the issue, and the RAM gets slowly eaten away.