Provide Scholarly Notation Support

• Apr 25, 2012 - 15:10
S5 - Suggestion

This is a request originally made on the Forum which has never been formally opened here. As I am one of the interested parties I am therefore making it an official feature request.

The original feature request can be found here:

The original request mentions Mensural notation.

Personally I would wish plainchant notation support also added as it would be of great use in my work as a Liturgical Musician.

A description of the various neumes used can be found in this wikipedia article:

The authoritative work for the theory and notation of Plainchant is, however, the Liber Usualis which can be found here:-…
This includes just about the entire volume of plainchant for the Western Church and is a 116MB download.

The preface with its explanation of the notation is available here:-
This is a more manageable size of just over 5MB

MuseScore 2.0 R5562/Windows XP Pro SP3


Some more ideas...

For neumes...

Option 1) Input neumes manually, or by midi.
Option 2) Convert your modern notation (musescore file or midi file) to era specific notation; monophonic voice only.

ALSO (not to stir the pot),

How do you feel about Composer notation? this would give you the option to output your scores in the handwriting of Mozart, Bach, etc. (maybe MuscScore Version 3?)

Thanks for reading my original post. the old writing is very elegant!