when in lyrics mode, using particular keyboard, UNDERSCORE doesn't trigger the melisma line

• Jan 12, 2017 - 15:01
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GIT commit: 3c7a69d

Some keyboards, ( BÉPO http://bepo.fr/wiki/Accueil and some German ones ) use AltGr+SPACE to produce "_"
Mscore writes it when in text mode, but doesn't understand it should trigger a melisma line when in lyrics mode.



mind to elaborate about 'some German ones'? I've never seen one that uses AltGr+Space for _, all I know (QWERTZ) use Shift+-, just like the US keyboard (QWERTY), only those keys are in a different position

@ jojo-schmitz

You’re right. I just reported from someone else. But I just checked that from all the keyboards available under Ubuntu 16.10 BÉPO is the only one with UNDERSCORE on the SPACE key. However some users of BÉPO reports that some other softwares. using UNDERSCORE in an "untyping" way are not able to see it when it lays on this key.

Actually it’s not a problem for me since I modified the X11 definition of my keyboard to switch UNDERSCORE and U2212. But such an adaptation can't be a standard solution.

Have you an idea of why mscore does not detect this triggering UNDERSCORE ?

Just wondering; I've found similar reports for Visual Studio, for some users it was fixed by using Ctrl+Alt+Space; possibly having to disable shortcuts that consist of parts of it (so if a Ctrl+Space shortcut is active, it might interfere?)

Indeed VisualStudio (and some others) is mentioned in the BÉPO discussion list.
I tried the Ctrl+Alt+SPACE it just acts the same way as AltGr+SPACE, delivering a SPACE instead of triggering the melisma line.

Since the system combine the key codes to deliver a character code, I guess that it do send the same character code whichever the overlying software. I conclude that these softwares who don't see this character are just staring at other information, presumably right at key code...