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• May 6, 2012 - 20:22

This isn't documentation per se, but this seemed a good place to post it.

When you Google musescore, you see:

> Create, playback and print beautiful sheet music with free and easy to use
> music notation software MuseScore. For Windows, Mac and Linux.

That should be play back (two words). playback (one word) is a noun. (E.g.: "Now we'll hear the playback.")

This is the first official reference to MuseScore that most people see, so I thought it was worth mentioning.


You are correct. Since I had nothing better to do I Googled Finale and Sibelius. They seem to avoid playback as a verb. Finale uses "audition" and Sibelius uses "play" or "perform", . This doesn't mean Finale or Sibelius is the grammatical reference for the universe but it provides a hint of evidence that "playback" is not evolving into a verb like the noun "party" did.

Very good point. I helped wordsmith thse descriptions, but got that wrong. The character limits are tough, which has to do with why I thought it OK to cheat that word. i've change it to "play back" in the longer descriptions; the 45 character one remains "play" because we're out of characters. I don't like "play" because it implies *you* are doing the playing (eg, at the piano) rather than the computer, but there is no better word that is nearly as short.

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done the German translation ;-)

Here's another meta tag, can we add capella to it? It is at least in Germany a quite popular score writer
<meta name="keywords" content="music, notation, software, free, open source, composition, composing, arranging, making, writing, sheet music, lead sheet, leadsheet, score, full score, scorewriter, sibelius, finale, midi, musicxml, print, play">

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最近我也在研究musescore,只是我才入门。我不会用Qt和Cmake软件,也不太懂软件编译流程,我看了论坛上编译musescore软件的环境搭建 ,环境我都建好了。但是接下来的步骤,我不会了,能帮帮我吗?万分感谢啊!

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