Change default font

• Jan 22, 2017 - 22:42

Add an option to Preferences to change the default font in all fields in all scores from Free Serif to anything else you want.


Click the issue tracker to the right of this and ask for it there. Don't assign yourself to it, keep that blank so the programmer can assign himself to it.

FWIW, though, while I support the idea of making it easier to change all text fonts at once, I don't think Preferences is the right place to do it. Aside from being counterintuitive to anyone who knows fonts are controlled by *style* settings and not preferences, it also wouldn't be nearly as clear how the setting should affect existing scores, or templates that (rightly so) specify other fonts as their defaults.

I think it should be more of an *action* to take on a score, changing all text styles *for that score* to the specified score. You could then save that style sheet and make it the default for *new* scores using the existing Preferences option for that, also you can make whatever templates you want using those style settings and then create new scores from that template.

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