Pulseaudio suspend

• May 3, 2009 - 20:33
S5 - Suggestion

Museaudio susspends pulseaudio on startup. This stops transcribe. I really need these two programs to work at the same time. My machine is only running pulseaudio, the alsa is emulated by pulseaudio. I believe this is the default setup for ubuntu jaunty. It seems very strange to suspend pulseaudio only to go on and use its alsa emulation. Is there any way to get dmix working? I don' t need simultanios sound i just want to be able to switch between programs without having to close mscore every time. Could i somhow send midi to timidity?


Hi, in the packages for 0.9.5 and later, and if you are running Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic) or later, PulseAudio is in most cases no longer suspended.

Please see https://launchpad.net/~mscore-ubuntu/+archive/mscore-stable for the stable release repository, or https://launchpad.net/~mscore-ubuntu/+archive/ppa for the pre-releases; the latter packages are very temperamental, so be warned.

However, in your initial diagnosis, you made an error. PulseAudio was not suspended and then its ALSA emulation used. Rather, because the PulseAudio emulation does not support a particular mode of access, and also 'hogged' the ALSA card, unless it was suspended, there would be no sound emitted. This is now fixed.

Of course, if you set MuseScore to output MIDI directly, it will act as an ALSA midi device, which you can then easily connect up to Timidity.