MIDI Save Problem

• Jan 23, 2017 - 19:18

Hello !
In the new beta of Musescore 3.0.0, there is a small problem when I want to record MIDI files...
When I record in MIDI file, it does not happen... Even when I have to export...

I have : MuseScoreNightly-2017-01-23-1148-master-2274353

So... ??


What do you mean "record MIDI files"? Are you trying to use one of the new semi-realtime note input methods? Can you attach a sample score and precise steps to reproduce the problem?

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So, you aren't talking *recording* MIDI, but *exporting* a score to create a MIDI version of the music? If so, then yes, I can confirm, the MIDI export option does not seem to produce any output currently. Neither does MusicXML export. PDF export seems to work OK.

Can you submit a bug report to the issue tracker?

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