Neatonk Stereo Steinway Piano Sample Set

• May 24, 2012 - 14:00

Just uploaded this to the file space.…

PM me if you need upload details for the area.


Maybe it could be worth describing the file a little bit more before someone decide to download 400MB. Where the samples come from? How they have been recorded (if applicable)? Which format? etc...

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To be honest this was just a test to see if things were working properly.

There's already a link in this forum which explains where the samples came from, however I was under the impression that information I had entered about the file on FileFactory would be displayed when you entered the download page. But I now see that is not the case.

Incidentally, files uploaded to the account will currently only be retianed for 7 days unless someone downloads them.

I shall therefore be mirroring them offline here.

Eventually things will be a little more slick, but at least we have working filespace now :)

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