Italian lute tablature diapasons

• Jan 30, 2017 - 21:01

Hi! I'm using MuseScoreNightly-2017-01-26-2225-master-d759ab0.7z with Windows 10.
The diapasons with Italian lute tablature are fine, except for the 8th course. The '0' should be on the line below but I can't change it. I've attached a screenshot; the problem diapason is circled. Thanks in advance for any help, Peter

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"I'm now able to get the first one, which is fine!"
Great, congratulations.

For the second way, it's a trick (but playback is not adapted), so, preferrable to forget :)
The first way works fine, it's exactly the goal.

BTW, I was a bit rushed last night, and I had not even paid attention to your name! Well, sorry, it's a great honor to see you here. Welcome Peter on MuseScore :)

Hi -- I am using Musescore 2.1.0. I wonder if diapasons in Italian tab are working there yet? Or is it only in the test builds?

Gary Hess

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Hello Gary, welcome on MuseScore.
"I am using Musescore 2.1.0. I wonder if diapasons in Italian tab are working there yet? Or is it only in the test builds?"
Of course, diapasons in Italian tabs, inter alia, has been merged for the 2.1.…
Take care to open the links (first comment with image of this same thread); and if, despite everything, you have any trouble to input notes/numbers, describe this, and attach an image (to see the wished result), or/and an actual score or sample score, by explaining what you are doing exactly, and the found result in comparison of desired result.

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Basically, to write a score for theorbo, eg.
1) In the wizard, choose theorbo (in "Early music" or "All instruments"), and in the right column, change the Staff Type (bottom dropdown list) for "Tab. 6-str Italian" ->Finish
You obtain: Sample Theorbo.mscz
2) For input the diapasons, enter in Note input mode "N" -> with the direction arrows, go up the input cursor on the first line, and type eg 0 (the 0 above the letters, not on the numeric keyboard).
first step.jpg
For the first diapason: continue with the arrows: right -> up: a legder line appears: type a key for input (eg letter a or d, or number 0 or 1, really no matter)
second step.jpg
Same process for the second diapason:
third step.jpg
Ditto for the followings (you get now numbers 9, then X, 11, 12, 13, 14) as you can see in the previous image same thread.
For result in the MuseScore file: Theorbo1.mscz

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Hi --

I am moving in slow motion and finally have another question about theorbo diapasons. :-)

I usually play basso continuo and don't need tablature, but now I am accompanying some diminutions on a madrigal (Bassano/Da Rore) and I wanted to create an intabulation in order avoid reading from the score.

Here is the file: Io_canterei_(Bassano).mscz

It all looks quite good and readable except for one little element. Normally for theorbo, the 8th course (note = F) is notated as "8" (instead of writing an 8th tablature line).

My question is: Would there be a way to implement this "8"?

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