V 1.2 will not save file

• May 27, 2012 - 19:23

I have downloaded this (several times) today (with reboots). I am creating a score from scratch and it will not save, save as or save a copy. Getting very frustrated and wishing that I had not updated my software.
I use windows vista and have have used previous versions of musescore successfully before.
Open to suggestions.....


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On the new file I do not get the save window up to even get a choice of where to save it just sits and does nothing. Almost as if I had clicked nothing at all. When I did a save as on the older record that I amended and saved as a test the save window appeared and allowed me to rename and save to my documents folder, which is where I always put stuff. Where do you think I need to go to amend this permission for the new file?

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