Instrumentation Problem

• May 29, 2012 - 22:15
S4 - Minor

I cannot get all instruments selected and added to show up on the score. For instance, I wish to put together a 16 part piece (strings, winds, brass, percussion, etc.). Everything is in standard score order. But, the Violas, Cellos, and Basses are cut off the bottom of the score. I can't see them at all, nor access them, though they are selected parts that were added to the score when the score was created, and I double checked to make sure. Why would this program not put all the instruments in?



I think you have to go into 'Layout'>'Page Settings' and decrease the 'space' (in 'scaling')?

In future, could you please use the forum instead? The issue tracker is for established cases.


What would you do if you were writing a score on paper? Either make the writing smaller and the staves closer together or write it on a bigger (taller) piece of paper - for the former, adjust Scaling and for the latter, adjust Height - both accessed from Layout->Page Settings.

Whether you scale or whether you adjust the paper size depends upon whether you want to print it, I suppose. If you decide to make the paper taller you can then zoom out a bit with [Ctrl]- - (Ctrl Key plus Minus key) so that you can see everything on screen at once.