0.9.4 uses too much CPU

• May 7, 2009 - 06:13

I am running Mandriva 2009 Spring. Version 0.9.3 is in the repositories and installs well.

0.9.4 took over an hour and a half to compile, and while running it, my CPU runs at 100%. Otherwise, it is a great improvement. I look forward to the 0.9.5. release.


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Yes compiling it drives the CPU flat out and takes as long as compiling Wine :(
Running it shows CPU at 100% on GkrellM, with about 50% orange and 50% blue. I took it off and am putting it back, because it is so much better. I will try to find out what is doing it.


It still starts at 100%, but seems to settle down once I have a score open; then the usage is not noticeable.

It crashed once, but I can't repeat that. I lost no info that wasn't saved, and the fresh start was immediate.

I hope that this post goes to the bottom of the thread. It presents as a reply to my starter.

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