Time Signature Features

• Jun 15, 2012 - 12:12
S5 - Suggestion

Hi, I'm trying the Nightly build by first time.
Some features that I miss at Time Signature:

1.- the shortcut "T"
2.- customize the automatic grouping of the beams
3.- Why not include here the symbols for mensural notation? (btw, where is the symbol pallette? "Z" shortcut doesn't work)
4.- Could you agree the "Hemiola" (mixed meter)? very used at the Latin American music: 6/8 3/4

I think that's all about Time Signature...


What revision and operating system are you using?

In future, could you please file each request separately? It makes it easier to track.

Status (old) active closed

1. It's Shift + T now.
2. It's possible to change the default beaming in time sig properties.
3. Mensural symbols are in
4. 6/8 3/4 hemolia is possible (but not 12/8 4/4)

Thanks lasconic!
my post it's very old...
I'm really happy with the new stable version of musescore and I'm continuing diffusing the software everywhere and every musicians or students.
Thanks and regards!