autofit to 2 measures

• Jun 18, 2012 - 21:45

is there any way to make it autofit to two measures per line because it keeps on going to one and it is annoying? thanks.


You might want to read the handbook entry on Layout, and watch the two video tutorials on that subject - there's a lot of things that can affect this and it helps to udnerstand the big pictures..

But assuming you haven't chosen an abnormally small paper size, or an abnormally large staff size, then you should have no trouble fitting more than two measures per system - usually you,d have more like 3-6, depending on the complexity of the music. The only situation I can think of where you'd get only one measure per line is if it is full of sixteenths. In which case, you can squeeze notes close together by reducing the "stretch" factor of those measures. Select them, then hit "{" repeatedly, which reduces "stretch" a little bit at a time, until they fit.

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