How do I select one instrument stave instead of all?

• Jul 2, 2012 - 07:02

Link below and attachments are the same picture.

I want to select all of the cello measures. <- this is problem

to lower those notes one octave.

Not ctrl + a please.

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Several ways

- Click on the first note. Use shift + scroll with your mouse wheel to go to the last note. Shift click on the last note
- Click on the first note, Shift + right until the end, note by note. Or Ctrl + Shift + right until the end, faster, measure by measure
- right click on a note -> Select -> More. Same staff.

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"I see that there are rests where some notes are. What's up with that?"

If you mean on the same staff, check and see if some of the notes are displayed in green instead of black, which would indicate that there's a second voice on the staff. Perhaps you're seeing rests for the other voice, which happens to be silent at that point in the music.

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That's exactly what's going in the screenshot attached to the original post - piano part especially is notated as two voices, with rests as musically appropriate. Perfectly normal / standard notation if that was originally written for guitar, although I'm thinking if you intend a pianist to play this, you'd be better off notating it on two staves rather than one staff with two voices.

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