Playback chord symbols

• Jul 13, 2012 - 17:34

I Loved Musescore the first time i tried it. I had to stop using it and switch to Finale so I could hear the chords playing back from the symbols I entered. I am not a piano player and have no other way to ensure that I did write in the correct chords but to hear them. I think you have had many requests for this feature. Any chance of it coming to Musescore?


Starting in 2.0, the plugin framework may be powerful enough to make some sort of crude / simplistic chord playback - much like in Finale - possible. Meanwhile, though, note there is already a plugin to convert to Impro-Visor format, and you can then use that to play back your chords. Impro-Visor allows for far more sophisticated playback than Finale or any other notation program I know of.

This would be a very useful feature for those musicians just starting out in composition, and who haven't fully developed the ability to "hear" what they are writing..

Indeed I have found the primitive chord playback feature in Finale useful for checking for mistakes.

Rendering chords for playback need not be terribly sophisticated - at it's most basic, playing the closed triad in root position somewhere in the middle region of the keyboard is all that is required to aurally establish whether you have the right chord or not.

I would certainly support its inclusion in a future version of MuseScore, and be glad to assist with creating the necessary data structures or algorithms required to program it - sadly my programming skills are too old fashioned to assist with actual coding (BBC Basic, Pascal, Delphi)

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