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• Jul 13, 2012 - 17:59

Dear MuseScore Users:

I have worked already a long time with musescore, made scores and from them parts, turning everything into PDFs and publish my works on the internet ( under the name of Henry Pool). Now all of a sudden I encounter a problem. I have written a new score (for oboe, violin, cello & piano), saved it is a MuseScore document, a MIDI and a PDF. Now I tried to extract the parts from the score (MuseScore document) and ... the system shuts me down. I did a reboot of my computer, but that didn't help. I never had this problem. What went wrong now????

Anyone with a good idea please write me an email to: .

Thank you very much and best regards, Henry Pool.

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I don't know what the specific problem might be with this score. but if you do a search, you will find a few other references to crashes on part extraction. So it seems there is/are some sort of bug(s) in 1.2 that could occasionally cause this. The ones I saw where people tried on the nightly 2.0 builds, the crashes went away, so it appears at least one of those bugs has been fixed already, not that this helps since 2.0 is not stable enough otherwise for serious use.

Anyhow, my guess is that it wuill turn out to be related to those mid-measure repeats. Not sure how you created those, but something seems messed up, as deleting one removes it only from that staff. That doesn't seem normal. However, deleting those measure doesn't seem to fix the problem, either. I would bet it is related to something fairly specific like that, though.

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The crash is due to the voltas in measure 20 and 21. Delete them and you will be able to create parts.

Did you consider posting your scores on as well? Maybe you didn't know about the website? You'll have more exposure and your scores can be played, commented, annotated etc... you can also have statistics on downloads and views and you can create videoscores with actual performances. The scores can be embedded anywhere like youtube videos.

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