Ledger lines touch, can't read score

• May 16, 2009 - 06:27
S4 - Minor

Attachment below is a sample taken from a score with default spacing and formatting. The ledger lines almost touch and these sections are difficult to read. I vote for a tad more space.


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It is possible to reduce the number of measures per line, thus allowing more room for each measure. Go to "Display > Palette > Breaks/Spacer." Drag the Break Line over a measure to begin a new line. If you do not want the Break Lines to be displayed in the score, go to Display and uncheck the option, Show invisible. Right click the Break Line and choose Set Invisible.

Yes, I can manually alter formatting. My suggestion is that whatever is the default could be "pretty;" then we go from there.

Status (old) active closed

Revision 1901 tries to shorten colliding ledger lines. Maybe needs some more testing.