Navigator is broken

• Jul 17, 2012 - 02:44
S4 - Minor

In the below nightly build, the view pane at the bottom of the screen only shows layered bluish rectangles, instead of the usual bluish rectangle over score preview as seen in the standard version of Musescore.

GIT commit: 53f6f8d


Man! Still running XP? :)
Forgot to tell you: I run Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise. This error also appeared on the latest R966e628 which I just updated to.

Of course - if it ain't broke why fix it? And anyway none of the bloatware Microsoft has produced since is as good. I will reserve judgement on Windows 8 until I have seen it in action.

Errors like this aren't usually fixed straight away - the dev team will need to establish in which release the problem emerged and why.

Got it.. Dragging on the pane works, but the nav only displays layered blue rectangles, as described above.
Windows 8 is great. It runs faster than the speed of light (almost).