a lining staff note heads with TAB staff notes

• Feb 16, 2017 - 01:13

Ok, for some reason now the note heads and tab note heads are note lining up together and It is bothering me can someone help me out. note aliging.png or is that suppose to be normal for when you make the staffs bigger.


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On the bass, the tab seems a bit closer to the clef or barline. (My original comment I was going to wirte about this called you insane because the difference is so small). On the 3rd line of music I do see an obvious offset that is noticeable and should be addressed in future versions of MS. The offset in both cases is due to a difference in the space between the barline or clef and the first note of the measure. The strange thing is that the bass has the TAB shifted left, while the treble has the TAB shifted right.

Oh the joys of programming a stupid computer that will only do exactly what you tell it to do.

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Could you upload that score? I tried to enter in from the picture, but I have found several differences between my display and yours, one of which is a bug that I'll post in the tracker. If you don't want to upload the entire score, then can you check this:

If you isolate those measures (put them in there own file) and instruments is the offset there? Please upload that.

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