tuplet problem

• Feb 16, 2017 - 17:53

I am using 2.0.1. I can't use the upgrade because the SVG export wont work with adobe illustrator.
I am having a strange bug. I uploaded the score and recorded a video of my problem.


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I'm French, so, my English...... 1.png

I'have not the solution, but I found that :There is a problem with the first Triplet of measure 4 . If you try to copy in the new measure all the others triplets it's work correctly, with eight notes (it 's only false with the triplet of measure 6 which is a copy of the 4 ). So, I delete in meas.4 this triplet , and I re-write it, it's works but I have difficulties to link the first and last eight notes.

I copy the 2 triplets of meas.4 in the new meas., it's work with eight notes but no-linked.

I arrive to link in using the silence between the eight notes and click on the second choise in the links (in French ligatures).

Tell me if you understand !!

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