Lost scores

• Feb 18, 2017 - 03:47

I have accidentally lost musescore files from my musecore document file box . I still have them in pdf format is it possible convert them back to musescore format ?


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I saw in another thread that a person had better success with the MS produced PDF, but it's possible that the other one was just that bad.

Another consideration... If the score is long, it will always fail. You may need to break it down into a few pages at a time.

Hmm, if by "musescore document file box" you really mean the Start Center, which shows your most recently opened scores, there is no harm if they don't show there. The files are probably still on your system in their regular place, just go to File / Open and browse to the correct folder. It is possible you have accidentally saved them to a different folder thought as well; you should do a full search of your hard drive (using Explorer on Windows, Finder on Mac, etc).

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