• Jul 24, 2012 - 23:50

Hello to all MuseScore users!

I have been using MuseScore for some months now and really enjoy it except for one part: the gong sound. I have been using a computer that is restricted by the Admin and cannot download a Soundfont editing program, so I need help. I have done a search to find a gong sound, but don't want to interfere with my drumline sounds, so I'm hoping that some pro out there could possibly merge the gong file with the soundfont file I use currently. I have attached a .zip file that contains my gong soundfont file. Also, I've attached the instruments list. The drumline soundfont file was too big to attach, but can be found here ( (it is the Tim file). Please, could someone merge these? Keeping the drumline files is a MUST.

Thank you to any who (attempt) to help!

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Gong 75.85 KB
instrumentswithDL.xml 148.99 KB


I've had a look, and I reckon there must be better Gong samples out there to incorporate.

The basic sample in this soundfont is pretty naff.

Will look out for something better for you.

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