Partial score playback

• Feb 20, 2017 - 22:17

Sibelius has an extremely useful feature where if you select only some of the staves in a score, only those staves will sound when you hit "play". This feature is a tremendous help in "debugging" the music in complex scores.

Something like this would be useful in Musescore as well.



This has been requested and does sound like an interesting shortcut. Meanwhile, though, see View / Mixer - it's also easy enough to just solo the instruments you want (or mute the ones you don't).

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Checking and unchecking staves in the mixer is possible but a bit tedious. The sibelius method works really well, although it can be confusing for beginners, who will leave something selected in the score and then wonder why only a few instruments are sounding when the play button is pressed. Something to think about if musescore implements this feature...make it an "advanced" feature that has to be enabled in some way?

You can use a loop. If you press F11 to open the play window there are buttons to set up the start and stop points and the round arrow next to play at the top of the tool bars tells MS that you want to use it. Every time you stop the music and restart the play, it starts at the same spot. You don't even have to keep the play window open if you don't want to. The only possible disadvantage is that it will automatically go to the beginning as soon as the last note is finished.

This idea might be a bit off, but to have the option to display Solo/Mute controls (Even volume/panning if it could be tastefully configured) on the left-hand side of the constant Clef/Time Sig/Key Sigs while in Continuous View might provide a decent streamlined playback control for large scores with many instruments. With a lot of instruments, it sometimes gets messy figuring out what mixer instrument links up to what staff.

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