Revamp / Fingering Entry and Placement (Add more text style features?)

• May 22, 2009 - 18:15

Entering fingerings in Musescore is such a laborious and tedious task right now. Drag a fucking number over the note and then reposition the fingering manually. What the hell?

What needs to be fixed:
#1: There's no way to create shortcuts for fingerings and this needs to be fixed ASAP! I should be able to arrow through notes and hit alt+shift+1 or something and have a fingering pop up in proper position.

#2: Default placement is nothing like real world scores. Fingerings should be drawn by default below, above, or in between staffs. Not layered on top of the staff lines.

#3: Positioning options in text styles needs to have staff alignment options, or fingerings should be removed from text styles and treated like fermata with top staff/bottom staff alignment. On a grand staff treble cleff fingerings should default to top staff and bass clef fingerings should default below.

I'm pulling my hair out over here!


Please remember that MuseScore is developed by volunteers. Yelling or swearing isn't likely to encourage them to spend their free time on your specific feature requests. This doesn't mean that it won't get fixed eventually, but it is dependent on the skills, interests, and available time of the people that contribute to the development of MuseScore.

I wasn't swearing at anyone nor using a swear word to berate any specific person for implementing the current workings of fingerings.

How does admonishing me for a "swear word" add anything constructive to the conversation at hand? If you really have something against such colorful language, set up a filter on the forum to censor them.

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Hi Octatone.

Sorry to see you so frustrated.
I can understand, but it is Beta software, with flaws, and all the flaws pointed out are helpful.
I too have had my moments where frustration just boils over as I am trying to finish something so important to me.
I hope you are able to take a breath and try again.
Best regards.

ps: Please don't encourage censorship - there's enough trouble in the world already. :-)

Just trying to get back to the issue raised, I can confirm that for me adding fingering information was no easy task either

I am no professional musician and just playing piano for pleasure, sometimes with my daughter. I mostly use MuseScore to enter short pieces which are written by hand by the piano teacher of my daughter. Fingering information is important for her so that she can learn how to play correctly.

If entering fingering information is improved at some point (which would be really helpful), I would be most happy if there would be in addition a possibility to put, display and print the fingering information a little bit like song texts below or above the notes. Right now it is (at last for me) very difficult to enter the information such that it is well readable. I have seen separate fingering lines once (don't remember where) and it looked very clean and easy to read to me.

Or offer placement possibilities like:
- just below the stem/note, but not in the lines
- just above the stem/note, but not in the lines

Does this make sense? Is this already possible, am I overlooking something? Or how do others handle entering and displaying fingering information? Thanks for your comments.

At least the default for the placement of fingering should be changed (using 0.9.5), IMHO it is too close to the note to be readable.

Otherwise I am very happy with MuseScore (it is the second one i tried and then there was of course LaTeX a long time ago ;-) and want to say thank you to all who contribute and give me the possibility to play with nicely printed notes.

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Actually MuseScore did not even try to position the fingerings to something sensible. I did not find a simple algorithm for layout which produces usable results. Maybe the reason was that i tried with dense piano scores were manual adjustments were needed nearly always. So i decided to let some room for later improvements and removed the automatic layout.
The underlying problem is that manual adjustments interfere with automatic positioning from the layout algorithm in the current implementation. We first have to make sure that manual adjusted fingerings are not rendered differently in later MuseScore versions, which may have a different (better?) automatic layout algorithm.

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that fingering position seems to be way more complicated than I thought. And I remember that I had to redo manually adjusted fingering completely when I switched versions, so I understand your point.
What about offering the (of course additional) possibility then to add fingering in a completely separated space? Like lyrics?
Wouldn't that be much easier?

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If there is only one note per hand you will sometimes see the finger numbers above or below the staff. Since piano usually plays more than one note at a time it is more common that they should be immediately in front of the note.

Of course, as a workaround (until MuseScore has better positioning of finger numbers) you could use lyrics or chordnames to write finger numbers if you are only working with music that has one note per hand.

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Right now I am working on a classical guitar transcription of Cordoba. Having to drag a fingering or string marker over for each note is a bit tedious. I would like to see a keyboard shortcut, but realize that a seemingly innocuous request like this probably means a lot of work. Compared to what MuseScore can already do (I'm using version 1.0), a concern like this doesn't even matter.

Thanks for all the great work.

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Well, you don't actually have to drag the fingering - selecting the note and double-clicking the fingering works. This same method also works to place most other elements from most other palettes (eg, dynamics, articulations). But the default placement still leaves a lot to be desired, meaning you end up having to double-click it on the score and move it. So unfortunately, in the case of fingerings, it's only barely better than having had to drag and drop it in the first place.

I don't understand, though, why implementing a fingering-placement algorithm is harder than for articulations. Those seem to come out OK by default most of the time when double-clicking an articulation on the palette.

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(I know I'm late to the discussion, but I'm just trying entering my first fingering on a piano partition)
With that shortcut of double-clicking the fingering, it would help not losing the selection. That way you could keep the mouse above the fingering, and move between notes with the arrows.

I am wondering if there is still being worked on this issue. I would like to align my fingering above the score. So far the only thing I found is selecting all the fingerings and dragging them with control, but I need them to be aligned above the notes. Is there a shortcut way to do this now?

Also I would LOVE shortcuts to add fingering!

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Which type of fingering are you trying to add - there are several, each with their own default placements (eg, standard Fingering intended primarily for piano, but also LH Guitar and RH Guitar, also string numbers). With the standard fingering, they are already aligned above notes, for single notes, although for chords they are appear to the left.

In general, the default positions of text elements can be affected by setting the text style, and you can also use the Inspector to override the default position for selected groups of elements easily.

If you are still having trouble, feel free to attach the specific score you are having problems with and describe exactly what you are trying to do.

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